EAI’s mission is to promote public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of encaustic art. Also, offer space and programs for children and professional encaustic artists, to exchange information and technique for working with wax. And, provide all encaustic artists with a place to display and sell their art  in our permanent gallery, shown here. 

New Location


• EAI’s approach to accepting an artist’s work is unique and simple: no one will be turned down (EAI reserves the right and obligation to not accept any racial or sexually explicit work). There are no long forms to fill out, no jury procedures, no slide presentations.

We strive to have an on-going relationship with other organizations and we seek other opportunities to showcase our artists’ work at local restaurants, offices and other venues.

• We want to include any persons that are interested in encaustic art — art historians, curators, scholars, collectors, art publishers and other visual arts professionals — to become a part of EAI. The more freedom of expression and diversity we have, the more we will grow and become successful.