More information: delivery, shipping, labeling work

Special instructions for Submitting Images for Press Releases/Ads/Promotion for shows:

If you would like to submit an image of the work you are sending for an EAI member show to be included in any Press Release for the Show/Advertising for the Show (and any other promotional tools for EAI shows), please email a high quality jpeg image (at least 300 dpi, with largest dimension 7″) to Adrienne Mehrens: Please send this information as soon as possible after you receive a call for art. Or if you look at the current Event Calendar and you already have a piece you are planning to submit for an upcoming show  — you may email this info any time. When you email the image, be sure to include the following information in the body of the email: Artist Name, Title, Media, Dimensions (h x w), and please note which show you are submitting the image and information for, also include the date piece was completed. Your permission/consent to use the image is implied if you choose to send your image for this purpose. Please note: you will, in most cases, be submitting an image for consideration by an editor or columnist — they will choose which image(s) and how many images to use.

Size and hanging restrictions: All work must be ready to hang with secure wire across the back. No sawtooth hangers. Painting 2-D size restriction: no larger than 24 X 24 (equivalent – can be different shape as long as the total inches add up to less than 24 x 24).  3-D work is restricted to 50 lbs for pedestal and 70 lbs for floor display and cannot exceed 24 x 12 x 12 (equivalent). For each member we will accept one piece of art to remain on display in the gallery in addition to any piece you may submit for a member exhibit, or any work accepted for a juried exhibit.

Gallery Wall Label information:

This label is separate from the information you need to email for press purposes. It is also separate from the Identifying label you attach to the back of your piece, this label will be on the wall in the gallery beside your piece. In other words, we need you to submit this information again even if you have previously sent the information for press purposes or supplied it attached to the back of your piece. Artists should email the following information in this order please:

Title of work, Artist name, State you live in (abbreviated to 2 letter abbreviation), medium, and retail sales price to: Adrienne Mehrens (unless otherwise specified in a Call for Art) at 

Identifying Label for the back of your piece: 

We also need you to print out the label information from the last page from any Call for Art you receive. There will be a link usually in the left index where you can download and print the Call for Art, the label is the last page of the Call for Art.  (You can also find the information needed for the label by clicking HERE) and attach it to your piece. This is so that we have a permanent record on your piece of who made it, and where to ship it back to if need be. When you ship or deliver your piece, copy and paste this info into a word doc, print it out, fill it out, and attach securely to the back your painting, or at the bottom of your sculpture.  PLEASE FILL OUT FORM COMPLETELY and LEGIBLY.

When shipping artwork, please label your artworks name on the outside of the box with your name, this helps us to locate your shipping box when returning. 

Special Information regarding shipping your work: 

Please ask for a required signature on delivery of your artwork. We are not responsible for packages left at the door without a signature.

FedEx and UPS Deliveries of any artwork should be sent to:

632 Agua Fria St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Hours: Tues through Sunday 10-5 effective March 11, 2017. WE ARE CLOSED Mondays . Shipping must arrive Tuesday through Saturday. Signature is required, we are not responsible for packages left at the door without a signature.

Local,  hand-delivery of work to the gallery should still have label(s) attached. Deliver to:

632 Agua Fria St, Santa Fe, NM 87501

WE ARE CLOSED Mondays. Our hours are Tuesday – Sunday 10-5 pm – effective March 11, 2017.

Pricing and sales: All art work must be for sale. The Institute in accordance with the vote of its Board of Directors will retain a 30% commission/ 70% Going Back To the Artist.





632 Agua Fria St, Santa Fe, NM 87501.