Send Us Your Art

The Institute’s Gallery showings are one of the most exciting benefits we can offer.  Each artist retains 70% of the sale of their work, minus Pay Pal transaction fees (if applicable).

Each artist-member of the Institute can submit one encaustic piece for gallery representation.   The maximum size is 24″ x 24″ for 2-d work and  12″  x 12″ x 24″ for 3-d . We highly recommend framing your work. It stores better as well as presents itself more professionally. If your piece is meant to be frameless, please be sure the edges are finished as part of the painting. The art will be securely stored and rotated, and exhibited in periods when there are no special exhibitions in the gallery space.

For special-event themed shows, and juried exhibitions, the Institute will notify each member via email, “Call for Artist.”  Please pay careful attention to the instructions and deadlines for these exhibitions. The deadlines are strict and important to adhere to, as artists names will be promoted through advertising.  Themed and juried exhibitions will run for approximately three weeks, and will be available for viewing during normal gallery hours and by appointment.  Each show will be promoted with its own opening reception, advertising, and member-artist mailing lists.

All work must be ready for hanging.  In addition, please clearly label the back of each artwork with:

  • Artist name
  • Title of work           
  • Year completed
  • Medium(s) used
  • Dimensions (with height first, then width)
  • Price (The artist receives 70% of the sales price, minus
    Pay Pal  2.3%  non-profit transaction fee, if applicable.

Print the above information and adhere it securely to the back of any artwork sent to us.  If your piece is small, then please write in ink the pertinent information on the back.

If you are shipping us a 3-D sculptural piece that does not hang, then put your name on the bottom of it. Include the needed information in your packing, and we will keep those in a file.

Just a reminder, nobody should track your art better than you.  Please keep a detailed log of what you have sent us.  If you wish to have a painting returned for any reason, give us plenty of time to get it shipped to you.

When shipping artwork, please label your artworks name on the outside of the box with your name, this helps us to locate your shipping box when returning.

 Special Information regarding shipping your work: 

Please ask for a required signature on delivery of  your artwork.

Before shipping, you must become a member. Make sure all information is up to date. E-mail us with any questions or concerns. This is one of the many benefits of membership with EAI. Click here to return to our membership application form.

We encourage you to research proper shipping and handling for your artwork. We are not responsible for any damage due to negligent packaging. Notify us of the shipping date, the tracking number, and the carrier via email at Please ship to:

Encaustic Art Institute
632 Agua Fria St.
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Please Note: We are open Tuesday through Sunday and are closed on Mondays. Shipping on that day will mean delays.