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632 Agua Fria Street (Railyard Arts District), Santa Fe, NM 87501


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We are proud to introduce the Encaustic Art Institute, a permanent gallery for all encaustic artists. Established as a non-profit 501c3, we rely solely on membership fees, donations and grants. 70% of every sale of artwork goes to the artist. The Purposes of the Institute are to:

  • Exhibit the work of member encaustic artists.
  • Promote public awareness and understanding of the encaustic medium.
  • Offer space and programs for professional encaustic artists to exchange information about encaustic and techniques for working with wax.
  • Offer educational workshops for people of all ages interested in learning how to create art with encaustic.

For information on how to volunteer, become a member, or donate to the organization please contact Douglas Mehrens at mehrens@eainm.com
or call 505-424-6487

Menu buttons at the top of the page will give you more information about the Encaustic Art Institute and what we offer;  to become a member or renew your membership; to purchase art; to find our current exhibits or to donate to the organization.